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Welcome to the Relationship Economy

The world has changed. What worked yesterday in marketing is falling on deaf ears today. In fact, most of it will turn your market off.   You have to be more personal. You have to build relationships. You have to be more real. And all of that can take a lot more work than traditional marketing techniques. So, are you just SOL?   Not even close.   Landon breaks down some super simple and effective ways to reach your market, build trust with them, and not go crazy while doing it. Wanna learn how? Listen to this week’s episode.

You Don’t Have a Sales Problem… It’s This Other Thing

So, you’ve got a hot lead. Or, at least you think you do. You get them on the phone, you pitch your service perfectly, and they flat out reject you. But you’re not gonna give up that easy.   So, you go back to the drawing board, you reconstruct your whole pitch, and you do the whole thing over again…. And you get the same result.   It’s frustrating, ain’t it.   Maybe the problem isn’t with your sales pitch. Maybe it’s this other thing. List to this week’s episode to find out what.

Getting Clients vs Selling

Most service based businesses and consultants think getting clients is hard. They struggle trying to be a salesperson for their craft, and it just doesn’t work. But without knowing sales, how can they sell themselves?   The problem is, they’re trying to hard. There is an better way. Just by having the right conversations with the right people, selling can be a whole lot easier.   Wanna know what those conversations are and how to start them? That’s what this episode of Sales Gorilla Podcast is all about.

What is a Sales Gorilla?

Getting the perfect clients and customers doesn’t have to be a fantasy.

You can get the perfect-for-you leads and convert them into high paying clients, without being salesy.

Landon Parter, the Sales Gorilla, is here to show you how.